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– Eyelash booster.
– Eye & lips cleanser.

– Widelash peptide.
– Panthenol.

Rub a cotton pad over the surface of the cream. Then apply on the eyelids by making movements from top to bottom, then from the inside to the outside. Repeat the operation with a slightly damp cotton pad.

100 ml jar.

Description of Ultim-eyes & Amp; Lips cleanser An exclusive eye & lips cleanser with eyelashes boosting peptide and panthenol. The ultim-eyes & lips cleanser has a revolutionary texture for such type of product. A melting soft cream that fuses to remove gently and efficiently all types of make-up even the most resistent. It does not sting the eyes and leaves the eye contours without any oily of dry sensation. Active Ingredients:
  • Widelash peptide
  • Panthenol
User Indications:
  • Eyelash booster.
  • Eye & lips cleanser
Texture: An exclusive ice cream texture never seen in eye cleansers. It offers a much higher comfort on this delicate area performing better than usual bi-fasic cleansers that may sting the eyes. With its nourishing texture it acts like a cleanser and an eye cream at the same time. The cleansing agent used creates advanced high performance micro-emulsion, gentle to skin and easily rinsed leaving no residue. A highly effective and mild surfactant maintaining the perfect hydro-lipophilic balance required for this type of high performance system. The micro-emulsion cleansers are very efficient at removing long wear and water proof make-up while leaving the skin feeling renewed, smooth and soft to the touch. How to use Ultim-eyes & Amp; Lips cleanser: Take the product on finger tips or on a cotton pad. Apply on the eye & lips contours to remove the make-up. Once application is enough to remove all types of make-up. If needed you can repeat the application. Use daily
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Dimensions 7 × 7 × 4 cm

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