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– Exfoliation.
– Skin renewal.
– Acne & impurities.

– Hyaluronic acid.
– Gluconolactone.
– Enzymes.

Apply with a brush on the face and neck. Leave for 5 minutes and then rinse with cold water.

250 ml bottle.

Description of Hyaluronic peel

Chemical and enzymatic peel to prepare the skin before professional treatments.

In order to improve the skin micro-needling and electroporation treatments we created this pre-peel. Removing dead cells improves the penetration of meso solutions. The hyaluronic peel combines gluconolactone and enzymes for synergistic exfoliation in a gel formula with hyaluronic acid for a slow dry. Polyhydroxy acids have considerable molecular mass and it consists of relatively big molecules. As a result, they penetrate the skin gradually, layer by layer. Dead skin cells are removed gently, avoiding skin irritations. Gluconolactone is also a natural antioxidant that is as effective as vitamin C and vitamin E. Gluconolactone blocks the synthesis of pro-interleukin-1 which is responsible for inflammation.

The ability of gluconolactone to transfer water molecules plays also a central role in skin moisturising. Getting into the granular layer of skin, water causes calcium ions concentration to decline which sends a signal to the body to stimulate lipid synthesis in keratinocytes.
Exfoliating enzymes gently eliminates the dead cells to reveal younger, healthier-looking skin. An enzymatic exfoliant based on a protease obtained by fermentation. Enzymatic action eliminates dead skin cells to smooth the skin’s surface and promotes cell renewal. A gentle, enzymatic alternative to AHAs.

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