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75 ml bottle with dropper.

Description of Hyaluronic B5 Hyaluronic B5 serum is an active serum to immediately reduce redness and inflammation with 2% of XS hyaluronic acid, 5% panthenol and natural extracts. The serum can be used pure as a treatment against redness or mixed with other serum to prepare a more specific and personalised product. The formulation is one of the most skin and eco-friendly. All ingredients in the product are issued from renewable sources and the product is packed in a simple and 75 ml bottle to reduce waste. Ecological and responsible skin care that does not compromise results. This is as close as you can get, in terms of respect for the environment and skin-friendly. Active Ingredients:

  • Vitamin B5 (5%).
  • Tasmannia Lanceolata extract (4%).
  • XS hyaluronic acid (2%).
  • Fruity acids blend (1%).

User Indications:

  • Sooth and reduce immediately inflammation.
  • Reduce redness and hypersensitivity.
  • Wound healing.
  • Improve the skin texture.
  • Micro-exfoliate.

How to Use Hyaluronic B5 serum:

After completing your cleansing, toning, and exfoliating routine, apply the serum to your skin. In addition, for daytime use, it’s important to apply sunscreen as the final step to ensure skin protection. At night, to achieve the best results, layer the serum with other treatments.

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 4 cm

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