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– Skin cleansing.
– Moisturising.
– Personalised treatment lotion.

– Hyaluronic acid.

Dampen a cotton pad with the lotion. Then gently apply to the face. Does not requires rinsing, apply directly a treatment cream.

250 ml bottle.


Ultra-refreshing and hydrating lotion to complete the cleansing and to apply before skin care creams. The essential lotion is a gel with hyaluronic acid that can be personalized by incorporating meso solutions. Simply add 5 to 10 ml of meso solution in order to create a personalised product for face, hair or body. The formula suits all skin types and works in synergy with cabin treatments. Does not contain alcohol.

Customize your lotions with these options:

– For a revitalizing treatment, mix 5 ml of F-HAIR into the essential lotion.

– Anti-hair loss? Use 5 ml of F-HAIR MEN.

– Tackle acne with 5 ml of F-ACN added to the essential lotion.

– Revitalize skin with 5 ml of XFC.

– To slim, add 10 ml of F-XBC.


And for personalized serums, try these combinations with 40 ml of the essential lotion:

– Combine 10 ml of F-ACN for an anti-acne serum.

– 10 ml of XFC for a revitalizing serum.

– Achieve a brighter complexion with 10 ml of F-MELACLEAR added to the lotion.

Active ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid (1%).


– Hydrate the skin

How to use:

Apply over the face and neck after cleansing products and then apply a cream. For hair treatments, massage on the scalp every night.


Neutral, perfume free.

Product texture:

Essential lotion is a fluid gel lotion with high water binding capacities to increase the skin hydration. Complete perfectly the skin cleansing and enhance the penetration of creams and serums

Weight 0.27 kg
Dimensions 19 × 4 × 4 cm

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